Granite says “sophistication” and “style”. Nature’s own masterpiece, each slab is unique and luxurious. Because it is a very dense and hard natural stone, it lends itself well to kitchen countertops, back splashes, bathroom vanities and fireplaces to name a few.

As a natural material, it requires some simple care and routine maintenance such as regular sealing. The lighter the colour, the easier the maintenance. Yet with minimal guidance and effort, you can care for your granite surfaces like a pro and protect it for years to come. Granite is a worthwhile investment that will give you many years of beautiful service.


Marble conveys elegance and timeless beauty, at a glance, and increases the value of any property. Used for centuries, it is stately with its natural colouring and veining.

Marble is somewhat softer and more porous than granite. It is a great choice for fireplace surrounds, walls, and bathroom applications like vanities and showers.

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