FAQ – General
Q1. In general, is the use of stone considered a good value for the money?

All surface finishes, whether they be timber, stainless steel or stone will range in costs. Regardless of its finish or shine, marble creates an immediate impression of elegance. Today, the presence of marble or other stone anywhere in a residential or commercial property is a plus on the real estate agents checklist. A marble foyer or bathroom makes a tangible contribution to the value of one’s property.

Q.2 How do I clean and take care of my stone?

You should always use sealers and cleaning products designed specifically for natural stone. Many household products contain damaging agents which can alter the look of your stone. Stay away from anything abrasive and/or acidic as these may have permanently damaging effects to your stone. For daily cleaning simply wash your countertop with a soft cloth and warm water or use a mild soap if desired.

Q3. Can I see my slab?

Our team would be happy to show you our vast selection of granite, quartz and marble slabs.  Seeing the full slab means no surprises.  You can see the full beauty of your stone selection prior to fabrication.

Q4. Why are some stones more expensive than others?

Availability, locations of quarries in the world (due to transportation expenses), the rarity of the color, and the amount of labor required to extract the stones all affect the price of natural stone.

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